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1. You schedule us to tape your performance.

2. We show up, tape the set, and then, after the performance, show you the raw video.  For your convenience, we may offer the option to have the raw video posted on the web for review (one camera) if you don't have the time that night.  

3. You decide if you are happy with the set and want to proceed with post-production.  If you don’t like the set for whatever reason (bad audience reaction, bad lighting, off day, grandma was in the audience… ), you are only responsible for covering  the shoot fee.  Typically, this will be between $50 - $200 depending on the number of shows, number of cameras, to/from time to venue, parking, etc...

4. If you loved your set, we can move forward with the video production.  We will complete post-production components described in the package you choose (Bronze, Silver, Gold). 

5.  Once the post-production is complete (approximately 3-4 weeks), we will post your video to the web, and send an email to you with a link such that you can review the finalized edit.

6. With your approval/sign-off on the post-production, we will produce your DVD or VHS demo tape.  Once we receive final payment, we will mail them to an address you specify.